Our all-in-one-marketing system will help you shake your MONEY TREE.
You will get the results you've dreamed of and sales to make you smile.

Are you a small business owner who invests in marketing and is frustrated with the lack of leads and sales?

If you answer YES to any of these questions you will find the solution in the video below... 

  • Have you got a great website but it's not generating the leads you want?
  • Have you used flyers and print ads but found they don't work like they used to?
  • Have you used Facebook, Google or LinkedIn advertising, but found them to be confusing and time-consuming?
  • Have you used lead generation services who charge upfront fees for a fixed number of leads that don't convert to sales as promised?
  • Have you been surviving on word-of-mouth referrals, but you know they're not enough and too unpredictable for your business to thrive?

Here's how we are helping our clients!


When you accept our offer (see below) you get our all-in-one lead generation system set-up for your business at no charge and all the leads generated over 7-days are sent to you for FREE.

This is done so you can evaluate the leads at no risk to you before you decide to work with us and secure exclusive use of our all-in-one lead generation and management system in your area.


When you choose to use MikeGetsLeads to help you generate more leads you'll get a lead generating video for your business and have it ranked on page #1 in Google search.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a professionally-produced marketing video that sets your business apart from your competitors and have that ranked on page #1 in Google and YouTube.


To drive a predictable flow of traffic to your website we set up and manage Facebook ads and viral marketing campaigns for you.

These campaigns are designed to generate qualified leads and automatically add them into a CRM where you can manage them from start to finish.

Offer to Small Business Owners Who Want More Leads

It's important to know upfront that the MikeGetsLeads marketing system does not work equally well for all industries and that the best results come from businesses that invest in marketing and want to maximise their ROI.

It is difficult to know beforehand if the leads we generate will convert so we take all the risk by implementing our system for your business at no cost to you and then sending you all the leads generated over 7-days for you to evaluate. 

This sounds unbelievable and you are probably wondering where the catch is, right?

Well, there is a catch. We set up a Facebook ad campaign for your business at no cost but we do require that you upfront the cost of the Facebook ads. From experience R1000 is all it takes to get the leads flowing.

When you are satisfied that MikeGetsLeads can deliver quality leads we can schedule a meeting to discuss the fee to implement the complete all-in-one-marketing system.

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